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Lets Dance! Its coming back

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After 7 years of success “ Lets Dance” – the Swedish version of “Dancing With The Stars” returns.
Thankfully they’ve decided to keep the same judges . This means I get to keep my job as chairman of the panel 😉 Ann , Dermot and I get to judge the celebrities achievements each week, as they thrill us with their trials and tribulations. Or disappoint us as the case may be.

They have now announced that Markoolio will be dancing with Cecilia Ehrling…. Finally he’s back ! The last time he should have been in the show he broke his ankle during the first week of rehearsals.
I know we say “break a leg ” but we don’t mean litterally 😉
Hopefully he can keep his body in one piece and entertain us in the true Markoolio way.

If you want to know what is going on in Lets dance then read every now and again to get a little update.

Alternatively if you want to try the dances that are in the Show go to your nearest TIDA dance school. If there is not one in your area then check out the webside for the Swedish Dance Organisation. All the dance schools with QUALIFIED dance teachers are listed there.
You only have one body so if you entrust it to someone make sure they have the knowledge to train in correctly!

Heirarchy of Snobbery!

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All the couples dances can basicaly be performed from 4 different perspectives:
1. Social dancing.
2. Competitive dancing.
3. Show dancing.
4. Artisitic dancing.

Each one of these forms has their own area in which they should be used:
1. Social dancing – on a social dancing floor
2. Competitive dancing – at a competition
3. Show dancing – On a stage or as a performance
4. Artisitic dancing.- This is the odd one out. It can be used with any of the above. ( I will come back to this in a later entry.)

In the perfect world each of these approaches would be equal with each other.
Unfortunately in the couples dancing world there is a heirarchy of snobbery which seems to always place social dancing on the bottom level.
Competitors come on to the social dancing floor with their predetermined steps and figures.
Ones that they have rehearsed for long periods of time. They fly around the floor in their ballroom dances. Oblivious to the social dancers on the floor.

When will someone tell them they look completely out of place !
When will they stop telling the social dancers that they are dancing incorrectly !
When will they understand that yes ! You can dance your choreographed figures, but thats not good social dancing. Thats your competition routine. Idiot! And yes! “Darling” you look great. But keep it on the competition floor.

One of my closest colleagues coined a term: K.I.S.S.

Keep It Simple Stupid.

Its a good place to start. And actually having seen your competition choreography you might want to implement it there as well.
You’ve got everything in there apart from the kitchen sink!

It Stinks!

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Last week I told you about some of the regular household products that I use and how I am slowly switching to healthier alternatives.
One of the products which I have in every room is an airfreshner. It’s by the toilet. In the kitchen and in the Livingroom.
The reason I use them is quite simple. It’s having a nice fresh smell that makes home feel more comfortable and clean.

Unfortunately I never really thought about how toxic they can be. Nor did I realise how they can aggravate problems like Asthma.
I had a friend come over for a coffee last week and she had an alerigic reaction from my Airfreshners. It irritated her asthma.
After that I decided it was time to find a way to “freshen up” my apartment that would not be dangerous .
I tried looking for airfreshners that where labelled “ Pure” or “Natural” scent.
You know what I mean ,those marketing tags that give the illusion of natural but are actually just loaded with problems. It turns out that most of them contain phthalates (Chemicals which can cause hormonal abnormalities.)

So all my Airfreshners have now gone in the bin.

I found a suggestion for an alternative. Boil a pot of water with a few drops of essential oils or use an essential oil burner. Easy enough!
Another is to make your own Potpourri.
Which is what I decided to do.
Now everything has that Citrus fresh smell and its also fun to make.
Who knows it might turn out to be a new hobby?

The most irritating thing is that I have used airfreshners for years to keep the smell away but the biggest stink turned out to be the airfreshners themselves!

Hemmagjort potpourri i skål

My home made potpourri. Not much to look at but it smells great!

Boy was I wrong!

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After an absolutly crazy week onboard with the dance bands cruise, I arrived home for a really nice 2 days before returning to Cinderella,
Boy was I wrong!
Half an hour after I had unpacked my suitcase my stomach exploded and I started with the stomach flue and spent next 2 days in bed.
Great Just what I needed!
Having drained myself compeltely I then went cack to Cinderella feeling exhausted and performed the show with the dancers. Not the best I’ve ever done but I couldnt find a replacement
Now its Friday and I have 2 Gigs.
The good thing is that I am managing to keep up my energy with the help of Gerimax.
Im working in Örebro tomorrow and then teaching in Stockholm on Sunday so I need all the help I can get.
My next full day off is the 2nd of March. So I need all the help I can get to keep up this tempo…

No longer interested in botox

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Having been one of those people that have botoxed, filled and generally messed around with my face and skin with all possible forms of products (mostly those that are manufactured from things that are not only dangerous for me but also for the enviroment), I find my self changing.
I took a concious step in my life a little over a year ago, to stop worrying about getting old and no longer looking young.

Instead to start to focus on being as healthy as I can be at the age that I am at. And focusing not on quick fixes on the outside but also healthy changes on the inside.
Along with this decision came an awareness that I had to start to find out not only what the ingredients where in products but also how they are produced.

As I informed you in a few of my earlier entries I have slowly started to change products not only in my beauty regime but also in my home.
During the next few months I will share with you a little about the products I used and the ones that I am now changing to.
Its amazing how many products there are that actually are manufactured to be enviromentally friendly at the same time as being better for you and your body.

Things that Make my Blood Boil: Self proclaimed experts

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As a dance teacher I have worked most of my adult life with training dancers to become Professional, Pro- Am or Amateur.

As a dance school owner I have run my school to produce good social dancers.
Working as an entertainer I meet and give fun classes to thousands of social dancers around Sweden.
One of the things that irritates me the most is specialist IDIOTS! They go from dance hall, to dance hall ,telling people what they are doing wrong on the dance floor.

Most of these self proclaimed dance experts, dance 2 dance forms Swedish Bugg or a bastardised version of Foxtrot. The problem is that they are frightening people away from the dance floor.
They walk around trying to get people into competitive styling in a social enviroment.

My advice is:

  • Social dance on a social dance floor.
  • Compete at a competition.
  • Dance show dance in a show.
  • Be an artist where ever.
  • But please stop discussing with social dancers whats right or wrong.
  • He leads she follows.
  • They are on time with the music and they are having fun.
  • They dance their own style.


Whats wrong if they don’t want to do the Correct comepetitive style as is described by the Swedish Dance Sport federation?

Oh! and just as a point of interest, its not the teachers that are the problem. Its those that fall under the category ” A little knowledge is Dangerous.”

You know the ones I mean – They themselves have 2 left feet , bad timing and spend more time looking at the people in the bar to see who is watching them then they do their partner. But they go to classes in some sports club where they train in groups . Unfortunately they cant make it on a competition floor so they come to the social dancing floor to boost their egos.

They make my blood boil…

Dance your Ass off ;)

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Dancing is one of the hottest training systems in Sweden today.
It doesnt matter if its Zumba, Latin American or Disco. Everybody seems to be doing it somewhere.
This week its the Dance Bands week on board the Viking Line Cinderella. From now untill next Sunday over 10,000 passengers ( we change passengers daily) will come on board to dance couples dancing.
4 Floors. 6 bands per day. Dance classes and dance shows. Its amazing!
I just held a dance class for 200 people … What a kick.
Dancing all day its great ! Its Social and its fun!
I know I’m a bit of a dance freak but if your not allready doing it try it.
My recomendation is to try your local dance school or Gymn ( They usually have good dance classes that are simple to start with)
So get with it. Get in shape and dance your ass off….

Människor på dansgolvet på kryssning

Människor på dansgolvet håller om varandra

Band spelar på scenen

Elisas 🙂

Change in direction…Or a return to the old one :)

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For those of you that have been regular readers of my blogg you will have noticed that I’ve been quiet since Christmas.
The reason for this, is that I haven’t really been happy with the whole blogg thing since I changed from writing in English to Swedish.
The problem is that I am not very good in writing in Swedish and I had to have an editor check everything. Which meant that it took quite some time for my updates to be posted.
Prior to starting to blogg on Kurera all of my entries where in English and I have decided that I will return to writing in English.

So its back to being the English man in Sweden for me 🙂

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