Tony Irving & Alexander

A renewed Tony Irving

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A new graphic profile, a new season of Let´s Dance and a renewed Tony Irving.
What more can the world ask for? Haha. I hope you enjoy.

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Tune in to TV4 tomorrow night at 8 o´clock for a new season.

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I’m in my cocoon!

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As I’ve written in earlier entries I’ve made a lot of changes in my life during the last 2 years . Some of the questions I get asked are about what I have done to actually change my life. With the exception of moving to another town.

Mind, Body and Soul has become the main focus , and being in my “ cocoon” has become important. Its one word but it means so much. Try finding a space around you that you take control over. Breath it, live it and define it.
Allow your self to be different and unique. You don’t always have to conform to the norm. Choose who? Where ? When ? What ? Why ?and how?

Its not easy and I’m still working on it. Prioritise things. One of the things I try to do everyday  is quiet time. Just a half an hour with no music ! No telephone! No Tv! On my own in a quiet space and contemplate the day. Its my de-stress moment .

It makes a difference! And its a good place to start.

Spring is in the air

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Its been quite a while since I’ve woken up to the sound of birds outside my window and the sun shining through the gap in my curtains . This morning was amazing.

As usual I took my morning walk around the harbour in Nyköping and the change is finally in the air. And it couldn’t happen at a better time. Let’s Dance starts on Friday and I need all the energy I can get.
This feeling of Spring and getting rid of the Winter Blues is just what I needed before the Show starts.

A nice fresh Smoothie and my morning ritual is complete. Now Im off to Stockholm for meetings with Ankar clothing about new products, G9 Events about the tour in Autumn and it’s never to early planning the Christmas show.

Can you believe spring is only starting and plans are in the air for the next Christmas show and its only Easter!

Tony Irvings frukost

Tony Irvings smoothie

My first outfit for Let’s Dance

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My first “outfit” for Let’s Dance, from Ankar of Sweden.
Its great to feel comfortable in great clothes.

Tony Irving i Lets Dance

Looking good.

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How to packet myself is one of the “left overs” from Ballroom dancing years. The look, image and style of a sports dancer is an important part of the competitive dancing world.

Since I started in the TV and media world I haven’t really been able to find my own style. We are packeted in the sense that there is a stylists involved in all programs and I have allowed them to choose and control what I have worn. These aren’t my private clothes . They are my work clothes! So previously as long as the stylist was happy I would wear almost anything.

However somewhere along the line it dawned on me that the most important thing wasn’t the clothes I wore, but how I wore them and that  I  was comfortable in them. So last season I started to put more of an effort into what  I wore.

Since then I have been inundated with questions about where my clothes come from? The clothing range that I use is designed by a Swedish company called Ankar.

I haven’t wanted to be one of those Bloggers that is continually posting updates with that “Look at me syndrome”. But I am getting so many requests for photos and info about my clothes that I’m going have to do it.

Let’s Get Started

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One week left to the first show of Lets Dance 2013.
By now the last minute stress will have started.
Are the clothes right?
Are the dancers and celebrities getting on together?
Is the orchestra in place?
Are David and Jessica prepared?
These last minute questions will all be answered on Monday at the Press release.
The only thing I know for sure is that Dermot, Ann and I have had our meetings and we’re fit for a fight 😉
Same Jury and a new attitude !
I can’t wait to get started!

Come dance with me!

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After 7 years of Lets Dance we start the 8th one with a totally new web show!
7 seasons of celebrity after celebrity and now it’s your turn.
Is there anyone out there that wants to try a week of Lets Dance?
You get to train with me and then perform live in the Studio on a Friday night.
Just go in to the Lets Dance webside and register. We pick one winner a week to come to Stockholm and train with me.

Go on I dare you…

It’s time for another Tv sports presenter to step into “Lets Dance”

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Sometimes when we see people we judge them immediately based on the small facts and experiences we know about them.
If they are interested in sports we usually assume that they will not be vey good dancers.
For instance, Peppe Eng.
When Peppe participated in Lets Dance he worked hard and gave us a fantastic experience. Despite the fact he wasn’t the best dancer in the world!

Patrik Engwall was another.
Thanks to the wonderful touch of Carin da Silva he went from being rather stiff, cold and clumsy to being quite rhythmical, soft and dare I say it “sexy” little dancer.

Now it’s time for another Tv sports presenter to step into the fantasy world of “Lets Dance”.
It’s none other than – Anna Brolin.
Is she made in the same mold as the other Sports Journalists? Or will she give us something even more spectacular?
I have a feeling that she is going to be the one to keep your eye on.

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