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We are always children to our parents

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I just arrived back in Sweden after 3 three days with my parents. Unfortunately it wasn’t all pleasure. The trip was together with two other people doing research into my family. ( I can’t tell you more just now, but its a fun project).
The great thing about looking back at your family life is that you see things in a completely different perspective, specially if your parents are also giving their view points on how things were.

This trip was like going in therapy. Listening to my family give their opinions and view points about me and our experiences. But even now I found myself defering to my father.

Children will be children and parents will be parents . Even if the child is a 40 pluser.

Its over for Annette

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Its over for Annette. During the first two shows Annette gave us rather good performances. Last week when Annette danced to her son singing live in the studio, she gave us one of the most memorable and emotional experiences we have had in the last 8 years. Unfortunately, friday night she performed a mediocre Samba, which lost the viewers votes and resulted in her departure from the show.

However Oscar and Erik both saved the day by thrilling us with their routines. Marco lost the plot and blacked out!!!! Håkan just isn’t a Samba dancer. Sophia  finally got her act together and joined the competition. Maria managed to get through her choreography but danced off time. ANNA ! Well what can I say….. Each week she surprises us and friday night she had it all..

Next week they all have to dance two dances. It’s time for the Viennese Waltz.

Elegance. Sophistication. The ultimate Ballroom dance.

A combintation of ballet, yoga and tai chi

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As a dancer I have spent years training my body. After all it’s the tool with which I perfrom my art form.

Endurance / Stamina

These factors have been at the centre of the different training programs I have used during the last 30 years.

Today the main system I use is called Floor Barre. Essentially this system is based around the usage of the correct movement of the joints and developing a strength within them. The Floor Barre which I use is a combintation of Ballet, Yoga and Tai chi. It’s an amazing system and if you are looking for an alternative way to train which does not give you that “I’ve been to the gymn” look then this is what you looking for. You will be able to ask your body to do what you need it to do and it will respond.

Fresh, fixed and ready

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Tony Irving på hårsalongen

Styling time with Jacob at Klippoteket Lidingö.
Fresh, fixed and ready for tonights show.

Do it in private!!!

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It really annoys me when you walk through town and people spit on the side walk. For some reason it seems as though spitting is on the increase. Yesterday I walked through town and people seemed to be spitting at leisure. One person even spit out their chewing gum directly on the pavement. I know I’m begginning to sound like a grumpy old man ,but it’s disgusting!

Put your gum in the rubbish bin and if you must spit, do it in private.

Why was Jennifer sent home?

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On Friday we will see the 9 remaining couples dance their 3rd dance. This Fridays show is the first time they have been allowed to perform lifts in their choreography. Friday is also the first show with a theme.” My most memorable year”.

I can’t tell you anymore as it would spoil the surprise. But I can garauntee it is going to be a great night.

Last week Jennifer Åkerman was the first to be sent home with her bags packed. Since the show theres been a lot of specualtion as to why it was Jennifer that went out first. Well just incase you’ve forgotten it’s a surprise every year.

Last year the first to go home was Helena Paparizou. This year it was Jennifer.

Now I know that the judges always get blamed for who gets sent home, but actually this time, it was due to the viewer votes. Jennifer wasn’t in the judges bottom 3, And after two weeks of viewer voting she was last . This means that the audience let her down.

Shame, but some one had to go.

Who will it be this week? Hard to tell this season –  the dancing is so good it all depends on what happens on the night. But one things for sure – If they haven’t got the viewers behind them they are not safe!

Getting to grips with my eating habbits

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One of the questions I get asked a lot is about my eating habits.
Well I’ve gone through every fad possible.
Fit for life in the late eighties.
Calorie counting
Powder diets.
Low carb
High fat
You name it I’ve tried it. But they all have one thing in common. The main focus is not healthy living . It’s weight control! And thats not the same thing. 2 years ago I came into contact with a woman named Eva Bulow. Her book is called Eat what you are. I found it fascinating. The end result has been that not just what I eat, but also when I eat has changed drasticaly.

To summerise it in a nut shell is to say everything we do is connected. Food, sleep, work, rest, play, training.
Healthy eating is a part of seeing the whole you not just the visible you. But that the weight is a result of other problems.
This book was part of the catalyst for me to start to make the changes in my eating habits.
Thats not to say I dont eat the occaisional hamburger or bar of chocolate every now and again.

But hey! Who’s perfect 😉

Ät vad du är

The first one to perform for me is..?

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And the first one to perform for me is ?

Madeleine Boiardt.

Watch her as she makes her Samba debut in the Let´s Dance Studio. If anyone wants to participate its just to enter on the Let´s dance webside.

It drives me crazy!

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I don’t know about you, but I find it extremely annoying to walk past restaurants and bars that have bot cleaned up after their guest. I’m talking about the SMOKERS!!!.
I mean lets face it. We know that smokers cannot smoke inside anymore. So they hang around outside the bars causing havoc. Blocking the footpath and leaving their cigarette buts everywhere.
The restaurants need to take responsibility for the mess their customers are causing…..
It drives me crazy!

Who will be the first to bite the dust?

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As always in Let´s Dance the 2nd week is the nail biter! Which of the 10 couples will be the first to bite the dust and to be sent home with their tail between their legs? In the past seasons there is a pattern that has surprised us all!
We assume that it will be one of those that are the worst dancers based on week ones results.
The reality has been far from this. Last year Helena Paparizou was the first to go, despite the fact that she was at that time the best dancer in the show. The only way to gaurantee that your favourite stays in the show is to vote for them.

Last week I had the luxury of being nice. I mean lets face it – nobody went home. Its tonight that is the first real competition.
The party is over! Who will be the first to go? It all depends on how they dance tonight and how much you support them.  In the mean time it’s time for me to get in to the studio and do my job.

Which do you prefer?
Mr nice or nasty?

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