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Summer highlights

Postad: 28 augusti, 2013 Av: Tony Irving & Alexander Kategori: Dans, Jobb | Etiketter: , , | Kommentera

Now that Im back at work I have time to look back at my summer and share the highlights. The most memorable experience this year was my week at the dance bands festival in Malung. 5 days of intensive dancing teaching 3 hours of dance per day . There where over 400 people per hour.
An amazing experience!

Carbs! OMG!

Postad: 26 augusti, 2013 Av: Tony Irving & Alexander Kategori: Allmänt, Hälsa, Jobb, Kost | Kommentera

Now that summer is almost over and my vacation time is finished its back to work with full swing. Sometimes its hard to start work again after a fantastic summer. Specially when other people are still on their holidays. But I have to say that I am looking forward to my Autumn and Winter work schedule. Lots to do and lots to see. So its going to be really important that I keep myself in shape and healthy.

During the spring I did a DNA test to find out what kind of training and what types of food I should eat based on my genes. So now its time to implement the results. One of the biggest problems that Im going to have is that it says I should eat 60% carbohydrates on a daily basis!!!!! Carb’s! OMG! and I’ve been avoiding them like the Plague.
Well I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.


Time to get rid of those flies

Postad: 13 augusti, 2013 Av: Tony Irving & Alexander Kategori: Hälsa, Hälsotipset, Kemikalier och hormonstörare, Miljö, Tips, Vardag | Etiketter: , , , | Kommentera

One of the things I hate at this time of year is the fruit flies. Or those Banana flies.
Well now I´ve got a chemical free solution.

Just take a glass jar. Pour in about 2 1/2 cm of Apple Cider Vinegar in the bottom. Then add a little drop off green soap. Cover the top of the glass with a piece of cling film. Punch a couple of holes in the Cling film and place it near the fruit.

Simple and hygenic way to get rid of those annoying flies.


A here is a bit of advice that someone gave me

Postad: 12 augusti, 2013 Av: Tony Irving & Alexander Kategori: Allmänt, Humor, Livet, Tankar | Etiketter: , , , , | En kommentar

Here is an old saying that my father gave me as a good piece of advice.

See all, hear all, say nothing.

Eat all, drink all,  pay for nothing.
And if you do something for nothing,
ALWAYS do it for yourself!

OMG! Thats about as tight as you can get 😉

Pity the person that lives by that motto. But with hind sight maybe I should try it myself.


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