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It Stinks!

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Last week I told you about some of the regular household products that I use and how I am slowly switching to healthier alternatives.
One of the products which I have in every room is an airfreshner. It’s by the toilet. In the kitchen and in the Livingroom.
The reason I use them is quite simple. It’s having a nice fresh smell that makes home feel more comfortable and clean.

Unfortunately I never really thought about how toxic they can be. Nor did I realise how they can aggravate problems like Asthma.
I had a friend come over for a coffee last week and she had an alerigic reaction from my Airfreshners. It irritated her asthma.
After that I decided it was time to find a way to “freshen up” my apartment that would not be dangerous .
I tried looking for airfreshners that where labelled “ Pure” or “Natural” scent.
You know what I mean ,those marketing tags that give the illusion of natural but are actually just loaded with problems. It turns out that most of them contain phthalates (Chemicals which can cause hormonal abnormalities.)

So all my Airfreshners have now gone in the bin.

I found a suggestion for an alternative. Boil a pot of water with a few drops of essential oils or use an essential oil burner. Easy enough!
Another is to make your own Potpourri.
Which is what I decided to do.
Now everything has that Citrus fresh smell and its also fun to make.
Who knows it might turn out to be a new hobby?

The most irritating thing is that I have used airfreshners for years to keep the smell away but the biggest stink turned out to be the airfreshners themselves!

Hemmagjort potpourri i skål

My home made potpourri. Not much to look at but it smells great!

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