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Has anybody got and alternative to Hairspray? I cant find one anywhere 🙁
Every time I perform my hair needs to stay in place and I am sick and tired of using an aerosol!
Help …

I found a new toothpaste….

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Ive tried everything. Traditional toothpastes from the pharmacy, toothpowders, baking powder and coarse salt !
Everything just to find a healthy way to clean my teeth.
I didnt have to look too far…
Weledas Salt toothpaste. Ive been using it for six weeks and my teeth and mouth feel great!

Work , Work and more Work!

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After 2 days of intensive filming of The Big Food Battle (Den stora matslaget) Im now on my way to France to film another Tv show…

Life is fun at the moment. Full of new challenges. The biggest challenge is being able to find healthy food when Im travelling 🙁

I came up smelling like roses!

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One of my biggest problems as the weather improves and the summer sets in is that I am extremely hairy. Not that being hairy in its self is a problem.But, one of the results of being hairy is that I sweat a lot during the summer. Finding a good deodorant is very important.
Not just for my own sake but also for others (If you know what I mean).

After testing many different products I have seettled on a deodorant which is 100 % natural, “Svanen- märkt”, and made in Sweden. Its the Rosenserien Deodorant. Theres no Aluminium or alcohol in it.

One other thing that some of my students wonder over is why my dance shoes don’t stink. Well here’s the secret.

I spray them with my Rosenserien deodorant  😉

Getting to grips with my eating habbits

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One of the questions I get asked a lot is about my eating habits.
Well I’ve gone through every fad possible.
Fit for life in the late eighties.
Calorie counting
Powder diets.
Low carb
High fat
You name it I’ve tried it. But they all have one thing in common. The main focus is not healthy living . It’s weight control! And thats not the same thing. 2 years ago I came into contact with a woman named Eva Bulow. Her book is called Eat what you are. I found it fascinating. The end result has been that not just what I eat, but also when I eat has changed drasticaly.

To summerise it in a nut shell is to say everything we do is connected. Food, sleep, work, rest, play, training.
Healthy eating is a part of seeing the whole you not just the visible you. But that the weight is a result of other problems.
This book was part of the catalyst for me to start to make the changes in my eating habits.
Thats not to say I dont eat the occaisional hamburger or bar of chocolate every now and again.

But hey! Who’s perfect 😉

Ät vad du är

My interview on “Helt Sjukt”

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I want to take this oppurtunity to thank everyone that has sent me emails and entries about my interview yesterday on Helt Sjukt, in TV4.

It was a decision that really was quite simple to make. In todays society the focus is – If your not happy with it , fix it! And by that I mean surgicaly, or aesthetically.

As you all now know I was one of those people. Today things are different. I’m into a healthy mind, body and soul. But not to diverse.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their positive feed back.


Tony Irving är med på TV4/Helt sjukt och pratar om hälsa och välmående.

Foto: TV 4

No longer interested in botox

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Having been one of those people that have botoxed, filled and generally messed around with my face and skin with all possible forms of products (mostly those that are manufactured from things that are not only dangerous for me but also for the enviroment), I find my self changing.
I took a concious step in my life a little over a year ago, to stop worrying about getting old and no longer looking young.

Instead to start to focus on being as healthy as I can be at the age that I am at. And focusing not on quick fixes on the outside but also healthy changes on the inside.
Along with this decision came an awareness that I had to start to find out not only what the ingredients where in products but also how they are produced.

As I informed you in a few of my earlier entries I have slowly started to change products not only in my beauty regime but also in my home.
During the next few months I will share with you a little about the products I used and the ones that I am now changing to.
Its amazing how many products there are that actually are manufactured to be enviromentally friendly at the same time as being better for you and your body.

Nu är jag på g!

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Som ett barn på julafton, så känner jag mig när både kök och badrum fylls med helt nya, hälsosamma och miljösnälla produkter. Jag kommer att smörja, tvätta, dricka, knapra och rolla och återkommer med kommentarer efter hand.


Mitt nya hälsoliv har börjat!


Miljövänliga produkter

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