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A combintation of ballet, yoga and tai chi

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As a dancer I have spent years training my body. After all it’s the tool with which I perfrom my art form.

Endurance / Stamina

These factors have been at the centre of the different training programs I have used during the last 30 years.

Today the main system I use is called Floor Barre. Essentially this system is based around the usage of the correct movement of the joints and developing a strength within them. The Floor Barre which I use is a combintation of Ballet, Yoga and Tai chi. It’s an amazing system and if you are looking for an alternative way to train which does not give you that “I’ve been to the gymn” look then this is what you looking for. You will be able to ask your body to do what you need it to do and it will respond.

My interview on “Helt Sjukt”

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I want to take this oppurtunity to thank everyone that has sent me emails and entries about my interview yesterday on Helt Sjukt, in TV4.

It was a decision that really was quite simple to make. In todays society the focus is – If your not happy with it , fix it! And by that I mean surgicaly, or aesthetically.

As you all now know I was one of those people. Today things are different. I’m into a healthy mind, body and soul. But not to diverse.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their positive feed back.


Tony Irving är med på TV4/Helt sjukt och pratar om hälsa och välmående.

Foto: TV 4

I’m in my cocoon!

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As I’ve written in earlier entries I’ve made a lot of changes in my life during the last 2 years . Some of the questions I get asked are about what I have done to actually change my life. With the exception of moving to another town.

Mind, Body and Soul has become the main focus , and being in my “ cocoon” has become important. Its one word but it means so much. Try finding a space around you that you take control over. Breath it, live it and define it.
Allow your self to be different and unique. You don’t always have to conform to the norm. Choose who? Where ? When ? What ? Why ?and how?

Its not easy and I’m still working on it. Prioritise things. One of the things I try to do everyday  is quiet time. Just a half an hour with no music ! No telephone! No Tv! On my own in a quiet space and contemplate the day. Its my de-stress moment .

It makes a difference! And its a good place to start.

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Om bloggen: Vi förlovade oss den 5 juli 2013 i Stockholm. Tillsammans bloggar vi om våra liv och de upplevelser vi får erfara när vi försöker komma in i det gifta Svensson-livet.
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