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9 tips from the AcupunctureBrothers

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Me and my brother are both Acupuncturist, I work in Sweden and he in London. We are now sharing 9 valuable tips for the cold and windy autumn and winter. It´s simple but very effective.

 1. Warm food
When the weather starts getting colder , cut salads and raw food. Plenty of Stews and soups will keep a warm body constitution.

2. Scarf
 Always protect your neck with a scarf; the cold wind is the reason why many people complain about a stiff neck. Even when in the office, ideally wear a scarf to protect yourself against the air conditioning.

3. No cold water
Any cold drinks slow down your digestive system and will make your face even paler. Your body has to put a lot of unnecessary energy to keep you warm. Drink warm or lukewarm water, yes even when you exercise, yes even at your bikram yoga class.

4. Restore energy
In the summer we spend time socialising, in the winter it is time to rest and restore energy (do like the bear in the winter – sleep more).

5. Keep your lungs strong
Visit your closest yoga center and strengthen your lungs with a weekly pranayama class. Strong lungs, more energy, less colds.

6. Wolfberry (gojibär), walnuts, buckthorn (havtorn)
Gojis have a high value of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Also they help you keep colds at bay. Buckthorn is THE  KING OF BERRYS and contains most of the vitamins of all the berries in the world (you can buy this in your nearest healthstore)

7. Green tea
Green tea is full of antioxidants. It helps you fight colds and maintains a strong digestive system (especially useful if you suffer from IBS).

8. Don´t fill your beaker, and learn to say NO
Don’t push yourself to attend every single social gathering and say no to your BOSS when he asks you to work overtime on a Friday. Allow yourself to stay at home and perhaps watch a silly comedy on Saturday evening with 1 glass of wine. Cook your favorite dish and just be relaxed and cozy.

9. Give yourself the opportunity to read Eckhart Tolles book The Power of Now.
“The Power Now” our bible for many years, full of excellent simple tips on how to manage all that chattering in your brain.


If you are a man
Don’t shave, let your beard warm you during autumn and winter, if your lady says something, “hey its fashionable”.





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